Supercar Storage

Auto Classica Storage is a long-term car storage facility for classic cars, supercars and luxury vehicles.


The Definitive Super Car & Sports Storage

Your Supercar's Secure Sanctuary

Welcome to Auto Classica Storage, where we provide unparalleled protection and passion for the world’s most prestigious supercars. For aficionados and owners seeking a professional and secure environment for their supercar, our facility represents the pinnacle of care and excellence. A supercar is not just a mode of transport; it's a work of art that necessitates the utmost in preservation and security.

Bespoke Storage for Your Supercar

Our advanced, secure, and climate-controlled facility is devoted exclusively to the specialised storage of supercars. Understanding the unique challenges of storing high-value, high-performance machines, we offer a dedicated haven where your supercar is kept in pristine condition. With space for over 150 cars, our customised storage solutions ensure your cherished vehicle receives meticulous attention and expert care.

Why Choose Auto Classica Storage?

  • Climate-Controlled Environment: Tailored to maintain the ideal conditions for supercar preservation, protecting against humidity and other detrimental environmental factors.
  • Enhanced Security: Peace of mind comes standard with our 24/7 monitored surveillance and cutting-edge security systems, all designed to offer maximum protection for your supercar.
  • Personalised Services: Acknowledging that every supercar has its specific needs, we provide bespoke services including battery maintenance, fluid checks, and regular condition monitoring to maintain your vehicle’s optimum performance.

Discover the Ultimate Residence for Your Supercar

Auto Classica Storage is your definitive partner in supercar storage. If you accept only the best for your supercar, entrust it to a facility that mirrors your passion and dedication to automotive excellence. Contact us today to learn how our supercar storage solutions can be tailored to the unique requirements of your extraordinary vehicle.