Winter Car Storage

Auto Classica Storage is a professional long-term car storage facility for classic cars, supercars and luxury vehicles.


Trusted Winter Car Storage

Protect Your Classic and Supercars During the Winter

At Auto Classica Storage, we specialise in year round car storage solutions. However, we do set aside some capacity for shorter term winter car storage. Our facility is designed to shield your classic cars and supercars from the summer sun as well as the harsh winter elements.

Our dehumidified, climate-controlled facilities ensure your vehicle is preserved in optimal conditions, even as the temperatures drop and conditions outside become increasingly challenging.

The Importance of Winter Car Storage

Winter presents unique challenges for vehicle preservation. Cold, damp conditions can accelerate corrosion, damage rubber components, and cause other maintenance headaches. That’s where our winter car storage solutions come in. By maintaining a constant, low level of humidity within our state-of-the-art facility, we ensure your vehicle is protected from the winter’s moisture and cold.

Optimal Conditions All Winter Long

Our dehumidified and insulated car storage facilities provide the perfect environment with a safe humidity level, typically between 40% and 65% RH (Relative Humidity), crucial for preventing the winter-related issues that can affect stored vehicles. This controlled environment is essential for safeguarding your vehicle’s condition, ensuring it remains in showroom shape throughout the winter months.

Why Choose Auto Classica Storage for Winter?

  • Climate Control: Our facilities are equipped to counteract the winter’s fluctuating temperatures, providing a stable, dehumidified environment that protects against cold-induced damage.
  • Advanced Security: Peace of mind comes standard, with round-the-clock surveillance and security systems ensuring your vehicle is safe during its winter hibernation.
  • Bespoke Winter Care: From battery maintenance to tyre checks, we offer tailored services to address the unique needs of your vehicle during the winter storage period.

Embrace the Winter with Confidence

Winter no longer means worrying about the condition of your classic car or supercar. With Auto Classica Storage, embrace the colder months, knowing your vehicle is in expert hands. Our winter car storage solutions are designed with your vehicle’s preservation in mind, allowing you to look forward to spring when you can once again enjoy your car at its best.

Discover how Auto Classica Storage can protect your automotive investments during the winter. Check prices and our current availability today to secure your spot in our premier winter car storage facility.